Commercial DD and competitor analysis

A growing number of our clients are using customer journey audits to check out their competition or complement their financial due diligence during the M&A process.

What lies behind the numbers?

Due diligence and competitor analysis


We work with business owners, investors and advisers to help:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of a target’s service culture and sales effectiveness
  • Bring the financial due diligence numbers to life
  • Identify future integration risks and priorities
  • Make a more informed investment decision.

Our due diligence and competitor analysis services provide an audit of what it feels like to be a prospective customer of the target company.

Our commercial insights into a company’s sales and service culture, and the effectiveness of their supporting processes and technologies, are backed up by factual evidence generated by our mystery shopping.

  • Our customer journey auditors have backgrounds in business development or have run their own businesses
  • Unlike customers, our auditors are not time-constrained and will dig deep
  • We understand what good service feels like across a variety of sectors and will pinpoint the issues that are increasing or decreasing customers’ propensity to engage
  • We will show you how the market experiences the target’s brand.

You don’t know what a company is really like until you try to buy from them: contact us today to discuss your due diligence requirements.