Customer journey audit

Retail and leisure sectors spend $3 billion a year globally on improving customer experience by regularly employing mystery shoppers. B2B and professional services leaders are catching up.

Testing your moments of truth

Moments of truth

We will forensically measure how customers experience your service against detailed criteria at each stage of your customer journeys.

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your customer journeys

We will play you the sound clips of our customer journey conversations so you and your teams can experience first-hand what it feels like to be a customer.  Our customer journey audit will show you where there is room for improvement, as well as highlighting good practice that can be shared and replicated across the business.

We understand the buying process, we know what a good service experience should feel like, and we know how the best companies out there consistently out-sell their competitors.

Download our research paper to discover the three most common sources of profit leakage in business and professional services, and find out what the smart companies are doing about it.

What gets measured gets done…

  • "Just as I had hoped, their depth of experience added real value by providing us with insights and practical solutions which we would not have arrived at on our own."

    Chris Billington

  • “In a busy firm keeping client experience high on the management agenda is a challenge: Service Reality helped to reignite our passion for looking at our business from our clients’ perspective.”

    Faye Hughes

  • "Service Reality help us to think differently about our brand proposition and how we win new business. They help to bring our competitive strengths and challenges into sharp focus."

    Mark Andrews

  • “It was evident that Service Reality know about legal marketing and were able to represent a high level of credibility.”

    Tim Hastings

  • “Service Reality understand our market and are easy to work with.   They have provided practical recommendations for improving ROI in marketing, and their no-nonsense, commercial approach added value straight away.”

    Michelle Maltby

  • "Their mystery shoppers are authentic and convincing.  Service Reality can effectively audit the more complex legal enquiries."

    Kim Carr

  • “Service Reality’s customer journey audit gave us real insight into how we handle incoming enquiries and has helped us increase conversions by 25%.”

    Ben Cwilewicz

  • "Commercial and straight talking, Service Reality fully understand the unique challenges facing the legal sector.  They have certainly helped us compete more effectively to win new business."

    David Jabbari